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The Story of Prototype Lures LLC

Arkansas lure designer hits a homer with this bait

Buzzbait aficionados and bass have been going ape over the Gorilla Buzz since it was introduced four years ago by Prototype Lures after being designed by Derward Mauldin, an Arkansas lure designer.

Mauldin, a hairstylist by trade and an angler his whole life, is oh-so proud of the Gorilla Buzz, which he put all of his bassing know-how into around 2016.

Prototype Lures has a fitting slogan for the Gorilla Buzz: “Don’t be monkeying around when you have time to catch a gorilla.”

Mauldin repeated another slogan and said, “The Gorilla Buzz is designed to catch gorilla bass. Now get out and get you some.”

Let’s get small

Don’t think lightly of the smallest of the four Gorilla Buzz baits, the 1/8-ounce model.

“It’s probably the biggest hidden secret of this line,” he said. “I had a pro, who’s sponsored by other people, who called it “power fishing with a finesse touch.’”

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