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GB-12 Black with Red Prism Blade

  • The Guerilla Buzz has been designed to have the Precise squealing sound along with the unique clacking sound. You can use it one or both sounds. It also has a built in trailer keeper to help keep plastic trailer from slipping.


  •  Designed to have a metallic squealing sound along with a unique audible knock, the Prototype Lures Guerilla Buzz Buzzbait delivers rambunctious topwater commotion that big bass won’t be able to resist. Featuring an oversized blade, which sits against a stainless steel retainer rivet and produces its loud squealing noise, its low profile design also allows the oversized blade to contact the head of the Guerilla Buzz on every rotation to create its signature knocking sound. An elongated flat head helps it get on plane quickly as well to maximize time in the strike zone and come over cover with ease.


    Crafted with a long shank hook and a barbed keeper to hold your soft plastic trailers securely in place, while also increasing your hook-up ratio, its high-quality banded skirt delivers additional flaring action. Available in a wide range of sizes and colors, the Prototype Lures Guerilla Buzz Buzzbait provides tournament-caliber performance for avid big bass hunters.

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