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  •  Warning - CA Prop 65


    A new tool for your frogging arsenal, the Prototype Lures Hollow Body Smasher Pro Frogs feature redesigned body shapes to enhance their performance on the water. The Smasher Pro Frogs rely on a new, taller head design that enables it to walk enthusiastically with a seductive side-to-side slashing motion with every twitch of the rod tip. Additionally, the improved heads sport a set of cupped eyes that enhance the Smasher Pro Frogs’ action with generous splashing, spitting, and spraying to call up bass from the depths. The updated bodies also house button weights in the rear to help the amphibian impersonator maintain the correct posture as well as cast longer distances to cover water more effectively.


    Building off the new body style the Prototype Lures Hollow Body Smasher Pro Frogs are outfitted with industry-leading hardware and components to deliver peak frogging performance! Made from incredibly soft yet durable plastic, the Smasher Pro Frog is built to withstand the abuse of multiple fish catches with a body section that collapses effortlessly to expose Prototype’s razor-sharp proprietary frog hook. Designed to drastically improve your hook-up ratios, this medium gauge hook is carefully positioned so the hook points ride cleanly over the back of the frog instead of digging back into the sides. Fitted with a long 4-1/2” skirted tail and offered in a range of proven fish-catching colors, the Prototype Lures Hollow Body Smasher Pro Frogs are carefully crafted to generate the explosive top-water blowups that feed anglers’ addiction!

    Prototype Lures Length Weight

    Smasher Pro Frog 2.5" 1/2oz

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