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Smasher frog Butterscotch

  • Swishing from side to side with just a slight twitch of the rod tip, the Prototype Lures Hollow Body Smasher Frog walks with ease so there is no need to work your frog aggressively to produce action. Made from incredibly soft yet durable plastic, the Smasher Frog is built to withstand the abuse of multiple fish catches with a body section that collapses effortlessly to expose Prototype’s razor-sharp proprietary frog hook. Designed to drastically improve your hook-up ratios, this medium gauge hook is carefully positioned so the hook points ride cleanly over the back of the frog instead of digging back into the sides.


    Weighted at the belly so the body of the frog sits halfway underwater at rest, this frog moves a lot of water, is incredibly easy to cast, and has a higher tendency to ride down on the mat. Fitted with a long 4-1/2” skirted tail and offered in a range of proven fish-catching colors, anglers can confidently select a color for every situation and trim the legs to their desired length. Perfect for fishing grass, slop, docks, and trees the Prototype Lures Hollow Body Smasher Frog excels in both open water and heavy cover applications.

    Prototype LuresLengthWeight

    Smasher Frog 2.5" 1/2oz 

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